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Resorts, Hotels and Island Guesthouses

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Advanced Travel in the Caribbean welcomes you to Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda provide a wide range of accommodation and lodging: beach resorts, all-inclusive clubs, apartments, villas, real estate or your private cabin on a yacht. Whether luxury hotels or romantic getaway places for honeymoon - Antigua and Barbuda is the right choice.

Antigua Village, Resort Sharing, Antigua, Phone: +1(268) 461-1569

Recognized as the ultimate family resort, the Village is a property with one hundred apartments having the calm Caribbean Sea literally at its doorsteps.
Little Rock Cottages, Picadilly, Antigua, Phone: +1(268) 460-1452

This property comprise three beautiful cottages that are fully air conditioned with a central swimming pool.
Matahari Yacht Sport , English Harhour, Antigua, Phone: +1(613) 747-3030

The private charter yacht Matahari is based in English Harbour, Antigua and offers crewed yacht charter throughout the Caribbean.
Antigua accommodations - Monk's Hill Cottages, Falmouth, +1(268) 460-1572, - Antigua - Accommodation Monk's Hill Cottages, Falmouth, Antigua, Phone: +1(268) 460-1572

Overlooking the picturesque Falmouth and English Harbour, these beautiful cottages offer you the ultimate privacy.
Ordinance Villa, English Harbour, Antigua, Phone: +1(268) 460-1452

Overlooking historical English Harbour, this magnificent tropical villa offers you the ultimate in private housing.
Antigua accommodations, Paradise View, Dickenson Bay, villa for rent, houses for rent, Antigua Paradise View, Dickenson Bay, Antigua, Phone: +1(604) 224-9144

Paradise View villa offers a breathtaking Caribbean view - spectacular sunsets, palm trees and a magnificent mile of the Dickenson Bay beaches.

Antigua hotels - Siboney Beach Club, Dickenson Bay - resorts, beach clubs, hotels, Antigua, Caribbean

Siboney Beach Club, Dickenson Bay, Antigua, Phone +1 (268) 462-0806
Siboney Beach Club, one of Antigua's most charming hotels, resorts and clubs, offers honeymoon packages and wedding arrangements in a romantic setting at the beaches of Dickenson Bay.
Antigua hotels, resorts - Sunset Cove Beach Resort, Runaway Bay, Antigua, Phone: +1 (268) 462-3762 - hotels, resorts Sunset Cove Beach Resort, Runaway Bay, Antigua, Phone: +1 (268) 462-3762

Sunset Cove - your place in the sun. Located in the heart of Runaway Bay, Antigua, offering all kind of facilities - from the beauty salon to Antigua’s #1 Nightclub nearby
. Falmouth Beach Apartments, Falmouth Harbour, Antigua, Phone: +1 (268) 460-1027
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