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Antigua offers a variety of fine dining places

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Advanced Travel in the Caribbean welcomes you to Antigua and Barbuda. Enjoy Antigua's fine dining places, restaurants, BBQ and steakhouses, pizzerias and bars - anything between elegant ambience and spicy take-out.

Abracadabra, Restaurant, Bar, Discotheque & Cafe, English Harbour, Antigua, Phone: +1 (268)460-2701

Well established Italian restaurant with even more to offer than simply first-class homemade pastas, delicious seafood and fantastic "antipasto misto".
Coconut Grove, Restaurant and Bar, Dickenson Bay, Antigua, Phone: +1 (268)462-2162

Romantically set at the water’s edge at Dickenson Bay, the Beach Restaurant Coconut Grove is a must of every island’s visitor.
Harmony Hall, Restaurant, Art Gallery & Villas, Brown's Bay, Antigua, Phone:+1 (268) 460-4120

Exquisite restaurant combined with art-gallery, gift shop and deluxe accommodation facilities.

Restaurant Mayday, Jolly Harbour Marina, Antigua, Phone: +1 (268) 717-2498

The Mayday Restaurant in Jolly Harbour comes to your rescue - enjoy fine dining and meet interesting people from allover the world.

Hemingways, Caribbean Cafe, Veranda Bar & Restaurant, St. John's, Antigua,   Phone:+1 (268) 462-2763
This popular restaurant is one of Antigua's fine dining places - a must to visit: just off the cruise ship docks right in the heart of Antigua's capital, St. John's.
Millers By The Sea, Fort James, St. John's, Antigua,   Phone:+1 (268) 462-2393
Highly frequented Restaurant and Bar, located directly at Fort James beach. Live-band entertainment every night of the week. Join the party!
ZvyVdA5F2SJS0m61wqxeOHVM-.gif (6170 bytes) OJ's Restaurant and Beach Bar, Crabb Hill Beach, Phone: +1 (268)460-0184
OJ's beach bar is located between Darkwood beach and the Blue Heron Resort on the southwest end of Antigua.
The Galley Bar & Restaurant, Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua. +1(268)460-1533, - Antigua - Restaurants The Galley Bar & Restaurant, Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua, Phone: +1 (268) 460-1533

Waterfront dining in picturesque Nelson's Dockyard in English Harbour. The traditional gathering place for yachtsmen for over 30 years.
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