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The Butterfly Farm
Le Galion Beach
Quartier D'Orleans
97150 St. Martin  F.W.I.
Phone: +590 87 3121
             +5995 71097
Fax: +5995 43319


The specially created "Butterfly Sphere" contains a beautiful landscaped garden, a waterfall, ponds, Japanese fish and beautiful music. As you walk through this tranquil atmosphere some of the most beautiful Butterflies from all over the world will be flying around you, laying eggs and performing courting dances.

Early every morning it is possible to watch Butterflies actually emerging from their chrysali and taking their first flight. Entertaining guided tours are essential and are given at regular intervals. Photographers are very welcome and facilities include a gift shop and refreshments.

Special offer

When you buy a ticket you receive a free pass for the rest of your vacation, so come early and set up your vacation by stepping into a different world.

Find us south of Orient Bay on the Le Galion Beach also known as Baie L'Embouchure, Coconut Grove.

Open all year From 9.00 - 16.30

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