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Don   Streets
c/o David Payne
Bannerman, Slayden and Cater
4 East Cheap
London EC 3 M 1 AJ
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (171) 338 1000
Fax: +44 (171) 338 0026


For thirty years Street has used the same London broker David Payne, and the same leading Lloyds underwriting syndicate- The Kershaw sindicate, a record that is unique in the insurance industry. Now because of changes in the insurance market he is placing insurance with Pantenius as well as Lloyds. His claim to fame is that with very few exceptions all of the insured who have filed a claim with him have been paid off and are still his drinking partners.

Authors of twelve books, five guides, one covering transatlantic crossings, the Atlantic Islands and the introduction to the Caribbean, plus four guides covering the entire Eastern Caribbean are not only in print but are updated regularly. Never mind what Chris Doyle and Cruising Guide publications say, Street wrote his first guide in 1963, all other authors merely followed in Iolaire and Street's wake. Guides if not available locally, can be ordered via Fax, from the Caribbean and the States (717) 346-1442 Att. Donna Sosik, pay via credit card. In Europe, fax Imray 44 1480 496 109, pay via credit card.

The Imray Iolaire charts of the Eastern Caribbean are regarded so much as standard that the US Coast Guard uses them in stead of Government charts. They are available on all Eastern Caribbean Islands, in Europe from major chart agents or directly from Imray,(Fax: 44 1480 496 109), in the States from Landfall Navigation (Fax: (203) 661-9613).

Sailing Videos
"Transatlantic with Street". The story of Iolaire's 85 transatlantic from Ireland, to Spain, Maderian Archepelego, Canaries, Salvage Islands, Cape Verdes and fourteen day passage to Antigua. Over 5500 of these videos have been sold making it one of the top ten sailing videos of all time!!!!! Available in the UK, Fax: Imray (44 1480 496 109), in US, Canada and Caribbean Fax: 401 847-1219. A second video, "Antigua 85", story of Iolaires swan song. Her last round the buoy racing was done by Chip Croft of CTV in Newhaven, CT. Chip seems to have disappeared. If anyone can find him, contact Street (via David Payne London) it would be greatly appreciated.

Street has owned Iolaire for forty years; he explored every nook and cranny of the Eastern Caribbean aboard her. She went through a major rebuild in 94/95, and should now be in the book of Guinness Records. In the spring of 96, on an eighteen day passage from Gibraltar to Bristol and on to Ireland, eighteen days at sea, she found seven gales, five on the nose, yet the crew slept in dry bunks did not miss a meal, and were pumping five minutes out of twenty four hours on a ninety one year old boat. Street would now like to explore European waters thus Iolaire is for sale, either an outright sale, with permission for Street to charter her when owner is not using the boat or a partnership with a yachtsman who would sail Iolaire with his crew, completely independent of Street and his crew. Iolaire has been completely rebuilt (9000 man hours) can be seen afloat until mid June at St. Catherine's Dock London, Street has sailed for 25 years without and engine going places under sail where people said an engine was essential. If a new owner insisted on an engine, a small light diesel could be installed in the Forecastle, hydraulic drive to a fully feathering adjustable pitch prop. The installation could be done without disturbing the trim or the present interior accomodations.

All contacts with Street should be done through David Payne in London.

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