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mWVzhYs-a0iNvKxMKEZnhJs02.jpg (34205 bytes) Siboney Beach Club
Dickenson Bay
P.O.Box 222
Antigua W.I.
Fax: +1(268)462-3356

E-mail: siboney@candw.ag


Feel like a change from the beach? Cool out in the pool, most likely there will be just the two of you, as if you were in your own pool in your own luxury home and garden. Swing in a hammock slung between palms in the garden, enjoy being idle, laze about with rum punches and books, watch the clouds go by and the frigate birds wheel overhead. Study the palms, the flowers and the herbs, watch a humming bird sip the nectar from a flower, sit back and watch the bamboo grow.

You are in the mood for excitement: visit the nearby lagoon, take your binoculars and watch the snowy egrets, pelicans, blue herons and sand pipers foraging for their food! 

Please visit us at our website www.siboneybeachclub.com

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